Small Business Call Center Frequently Asked Questions

Bible Questions Answered
Here is How Our Small Business Call Center Works:
  • We consult with you to setup your program.
    • We develop a frequently asked questions page.
    • We research to find companion products or services for us to sell for you.
    • We help create a business referral's network for you.
    • We can create an online calendar for service driven businesses.
    • We can create an online store for product driven businesses.
  • You get a Toll Free Number.
    • You may publish it.
    • Or you can forward your local number to it.
    • All calls are recorded for quality assurance.
    • All calls are converted to .wav files and are emailed to you.
  • We contact you on behalf of your clients when necessary.
  • We add to your FAQS page and continue to study to keep informed about your business.
  • We can do tele-marketing for you (only in conjunction with a direct-mail program).
  • You get a full-time employee for as little as $150 per month!